System Evolution Plan

System Evolution Plan (Future State Application Deployment)


Most organizations have a mandate to evolve their application landscape to meet future business requirements. They also have to keep up with technology advancements in order to remain competitive by introducing emerging technologies into their future application landscape. A System Evolution Plan is required to identify the gaps and requirements to evolve the current application architecture landscape to a target state. The evolution of this application landscape can be illustrated in terms of various intervals (quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.) depending on an organization’s overall timeline to reach its target state application architecture landscape. This is best accomplished with models that identify changes in each interval by illustrating application decommissioning, investment in existing applications, introducing new applications, and developing new interfaces to integrate the overall application architecture landscape.


IT Architects provides a service to develop a System Evolution Plan that covers the overall system evolutionary timeline at predefined intervals. IT Architects will complete a comprehensive application landscape assessment, current state application inventory and integration details, future state application architecture baseline to support a target application landscape, and pragmatic deployment plan which takes into account Business and IT impacts across the enterprise.