Case Study #1:  BPM

Is Your Organization Suffering from Dysfunctional Process Implementation?
Organizations continue to struggle with many traditional process management challenges such as culture, alignment, and value. In many cases, processes are ill-defined, performed inconsistently, and break down across functional boundaries. Thus, end-to-end processes cannot be automated because they are either broken or not standardized.

Case Study #2:  EAI

Do Your Users Have to go to Multiple Applications to Get the Data They Need?
Organizations continue to struggle with the proliferation of applications. Users are forced to go to multiple applications to get the information they need, input the same data into different applications and end-users require additional time and effort to pull useful data from all the various applications. If there was only a way to seamlessly integrate these applications so users wouldn’t have to think about which application to log into to get what they want.

Case Study #3:  BRM

Has Your Organization Stagnated because it Doesn’t Understand its Business Processes? 
Organizations continue to struggle with their business processes, especially if they don’t have their business processes defined. This makes it hard to understand end-to-end business process requirements across functional boundaries. It makes it even harder to implement integrated software packages like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as workflow solutions if the company doesn’t understand how its people perform work and share the work effort.

Case Study #4:  Workflow

FORMVERSE use case series eliminating critical shortages in global manufacturing operations. 
This FORMVERSE customer is a USA-headquartered corporation and a leading manufacturer of critical infrastructure technologies for large and high-profile data centers. The company maintains operation and manufacturing centers worldwide, where it manufactures critical infrastructure to many of the largest companies in the world, ensuring manufacturing projects are on time and on budget.