IT Architects provides architecture services throughout the development lifecycle

Our Work is based on leveraging our past experience with business and industry directions, as well as our research and understanding of new technology trends.  The consultants at IT Architects are actively involved with partners, vendors, and clients to align business process requirements with proven technology solutions.

Our consulting services focus on the deployment of an enterprise architecture foundation as an enabler of an organization’s business processes and IT capabilities.  We are “THE” architecture consulting firm in town and it is our mission is to provide the best architecture consultants.  Our team comprises senior enterprise and solution architects specializing in various architecture areas, and system integration and technology specialists.

Our services are based on the Architecture Evolutionary Lifecycle as illustrated below. 

We focus on the Evaluation & Planning and Architecture creation phases of the lifecycle.  Once the architecture foundation is in place, it is consumed by project teams during the Delivery, Deployment, and Sustainment phases of an organization’s solution initiatives.

Our competitive advantage over other consulting firms and solution providers is the ability to support all phases of the Architecture Evolutionary Lifecycle.  IT Architects works with the client to provide resources in any of these areas during its evolution of architecture and deployment of business solutions.

This is what we bring to the table and what we do best:

Evaluation & Planning
    • System Evolution Planning
    • Enterprise Architecture Deployment Strategy & Planning
    • System Integration Strategy (Business & Technology levels)
    • Data Warehousing Strategy
    • Benefits Attainment
Architecture Consulting
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Process Architecture
      • Includes Process Redesign (also known as Process Re-engineering)
      • Includes Precedence Architecture
      • Application Architecture
      • Technical Architecture
      • Development of Architecture Frameworks and Standards
Delivery & Deployment & Sustainment
    • Development of Integration Delivery Framework and Standards
    • Deployment of System & Integration Delivery Platform
      • Methodology/Approach, Architecture Models, Deliverable Templates, Tools, Governance, etc.
      • Coaching and Training in Completing Business Requirements, Functional Requirements and Physical Design Deliverables
      • Deployment of Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
      • Delivery of Integration Solutions (full development lifecycle support)
        • Project Planning
        • Business Requirements
        • Analysis & Design
        • Construction
        • Testing
        • Deployment
        • Sustainment
Product Consulting
    • EAI, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Vendor Evaluations
    • EAI Interface Development
      • ERPs, Packages, Legacy Systems, etc.
      • Web Services Development (J2EE, VB.NET, C#.NET)
      • ERP System Integration (SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel, etc)
      • EAI Configuration & Implementation (TIBCO, Vitria, SAP XI, Biztalk, etc)
      • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Package Implementation
Project Management
    • System Integration Projects
    • Architecture Projects
    • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Projects
    • Business Requirements Gathering
    • Business Process Assessment
    • Application & System Assessment
    • Process Redesign Sessions
      • Current & Future State
    • Data & Process Modeling Courses
      • UML and Information Engineering Methods
      • Enterprise Architecture Tool Courses
        • IDS Scheer’s ARIS, Popkin’s System Architect, MEGA
        • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Concepts and Practices Course
        • EAI Integration Delivery Presentation
        • Enterprise Architecture Executive Presentation
Competency Center Deployment
    • ITA Enterprise Architecture Competency Center
    • ITA Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Competency Center
    • ITA EAI & Web Services Competency Center