Business & IT Alignment to Governance Process

An effective IT architecture practice brings a disciplined, consistent, and objective approach to engagement among all stakeholders in the analysis and recommendations at all levels. Inevitably, issues arise when program planning, determining solutions for a business-specific project, or in technology operations and management itself. Issues with technology standards, new or upgrades to software, corporate policy snags (eg; security) are very common. When issues arise, they need to escalate to responsible managers, project steering committees, or relevant corporate groups for timely resolution. Everyone needs to understand when and how this escalation should occur and have the same expectations regarding their and each other’s roles. Defining the necessary collaborative processes among these groups, to efficiently escalate the issue within existing governance norms, can be tricky but are key to a timely and satisfactory resolution.

IT Architects provides a service to define Business & IT alignment to a governance process based on organizational structure, operations, culture, and maturity.