Business Process Analysis and Improvement/Reengineering (BPAI) is a set of practices that enables organizations to analyze their business processes and improve them in a planned, measurable, and cost effective manner.  It is an integral part of the business analysis process and helps direct business investment where it is most needed.  BPAI allows the business to achieve the following:

 Optimization of business performance by describing and analyzing existing business processes.

 Identification of redundant, inconsistent, incomplete and problematic processes in the organization (both within and across functional areas).

 Understanding of capabilities and competencies pertaining to the target processes and the enterprise value chain as a whole with all stakeholders.

 Definition of AS-IS (Current State) and TO-BE (Future State) processes and their gaps.

 Understanding the realizable benefits, and the time and effort to implement improvements.

IT Architects provides a service to improve/reengineer business processes using a BPAI framework, and develop a plan to guide the following BPAI deliverables:

• Current State Business Process Analysis

o   Develop Functional Decomposition

o   Identify Problems, Issues, Concerns & Opportunities

o   Develop Current State Event Driven Process Chains

o   Assess Capabilities/Competencies

o   Develop Transactional Processes

o   Identify and Attach Work Procedures

• Future State Business Process Analysis

o   Develop Future State Event Driven Process Chains

o   Identify Measurable Benefits & Initiatives to Deliver

o   Assess Realized Benefits & Work Effort

o   Plan Process/System Improvement/Reengineering Pilot/Project to Deploy Solution