Identification of  Core Business Drivers (Corporate Goals, Departmental Objectives, IT Drivers), Relevant Priorities & Focus Areas for Architectural Planning

The Business Drivers are the key starting point for all IT Architectural work, both foundational and program/project specific. Business Drivers are typically comprised of Corporate Goals, Departmental Objectives, and IT Drivers. These can also include subsidiary or other organizational entities (decomposed into regional, product, or service offerings). 

All decisions and recommendations made by architects must map back to the Business Drivers. The key to success is not just repeating them from the Corporate, Departmental or even Program/Project plans. They need to be interpreted in terms that are relevant to your IT teams and the architectural work that follows. A successful IT architectural practice can clearly demonstrate that they are focused on relevant and timely deliverables to current business needs.

IT Architects provides a service to identify core Business Drivers, establish relevant priorities, and define focus areas for Architectural Planning.