IT Architects™ System Architecture

A System Architecture is similar to an Application Architecture. However, IT Architects differentiates System Architecture for one simple reason: a System can be comprised of multiple applications, sub-systems and tools. Thus, a System Architecture focuses on the integration of these applications and sub-systems rather than the functionality inherent in these applications.

The IT Architects™ System Architecture framework helps organizations understand the integration touchpoints, and how interfaces and integration technologies support these applications as part of the overall application environment. IT Architects has the framework to assess the current quality of system integration and identify the gaps and integration bottlenecks. This helps the organization identify incompetencies in its integration fabric, and focus on the “weak” linkages between its systems.

Furthermore, IT Architects has experience in deploying EAI and Web Service solutions with various vendor products. This is a key advantage when organizations make the decision to replace their point-to-point interfaces with a publish/subscribe integration solution that addresses enterprise-level integration – i.e. integration that considers the data needs of all business processes across the enterprise rather than the process integration requirements within a department or unilateral functional domain.

Many organizations have embarked on deploying EAI solutions only to find that the delivered integration solutions have been unsuccessful in achieving data synchronization and reconciliation between its systems and applications. Many organizations have severe data quality issues that prohibit streamlined integration, and its nearly impossible to move data between its systems without an enterprise-level data cleanup effort. This must be identified as a critical step before any system integration solutions are initiated.

Also, many organizations have found that they have replaced their point-to-point interfaces with expensive EAI integration solutions that do not meet their business process requirements at an enterprise level. This not only results in high implementation costs, but also expensive maintenance and on-going supports costs. There is a time and place for point-to-point interfaces. And where an enterprise-level integration solution is required, a framework to aid the organization in deploying such a solution is very valuable if not necessary. IT Architects provides the framework and experience to ensure successful enterprise-level integration of systems and applications within an organization.