IT Architects is an IT consulting firm specializing in the delivery of Enterprise Architectures to help the world’s leading companies tackle business requirements through deployment of cost-effective information technology solutions. That means we need to understand the value of business requirements and how information technology can achieve that value in monetary terms. An organization’s PRIMARY reason for implementing technology is to make money. IT Architects adopts all IT solution initiatives as business propositions with an understanding of the cost & dollar benefit to the organization. This is especially important in a world of general cynicism toward IT, and surrounded by “has-beens” who have failed miserably in implementing IT to increase productivity, provide tanglible benefit and increase the bottom-line.

IT Architects also specializes in system integration, specifically EAI and Web Services. Our system integration solutions are leveraged by an architectural foundation that supports current requirements while providing flexibility to engage future applications, systems and technologies. This allows organizations to introduce, and seamlessly connect, new technologies and systems into an open, loosely-coupled, enterprise-level system integration infrastructure.

At IT Architects, the assumption is that an architecture plan is incomplete without a plan to implement the architecture blueprint. An IT Architecture is the analysis and design of the integrated system an implementation plan delivers.

In summary, IT Architects is an IT consulting firm that specializes in architecture and the deployment of robust IT solutions based on an integrated architecture — comprised of process, data, application, organizational and technical architectures.