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Our Offering is a consulting portfolio comprised of methodologies & frameworks, approaches, solution offerings & deliverables, consulting services, tools and the establishment of competency centers. IT Architects offers a complete delivery practice to help clients build their own IT and business support competency, and deliver optimal architecture and system integration solutions.  Our offering is as diverse as the architecture requirements of our clients.

All organizations are at a different stage of maturity in terms of its business processes and IT capabilities.  These organizations also have differing corporate and business drivers impacting their business and IT.  IT Architects articulates organizational requirements and expectations before embarking on an architecture implementation.

Precedence Architecture

As much as it would be wonderful to provide an architectural blueprint for an entire organization, there are opportunities to architect only a part of an organization along functional or organizational boundaries.  In order to figure out which areas would be the most beneficial for an organization to architect, IT Architects provides an IT Architects™ Precedence Architecture to determine which areas have the most business impact, and provide the greatest value and source of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this Precedence Architecture can be undertaken to determine areas of most interest to an organization based on other criteria and goals related to minimizing operating costs, increasing quality of products, minimizing staff, etc.

Process Redesign

Developing an IT Architecture is done in reference to an organization’s existing “state-of-affairs”.  For example, if an organization has to revamp its business processes before endeavoring to complete an IT Architecture, a business process improvement or re-engineering initiative may need to be conducted.  IT Architects provides business process improvement coaching and facilitation using IT Architects™ Process Redesign methods and practices.

We believe that an organization’s staff is best suited to improve its organization’s business processes since they best understand these processes and their strengths and weaknesses.  According to Bob Ivkovic of IT Architects, “Solely relying on consultants and other third parties to improve your business processes is a fallacy.  We can only direct and facilitate the re-engineering initiative to improve the business process.  We are the catalyst to help the business people deliver the best business process scenarios”.

Achieving an IT Architecture

An IT Architecture can only be achieved by linking all the work activities, business processes, data/information, applications, systems and technical components supporting an organization.  These elements and their relationships must be represented as related artifacts to be reused, customized and introduced in a way which optimizes an organization’s IT.

Organizations, in general, have struggled in developing an architecture that integrates their business process, data/information, applications, systems and technology.  This presents an opportunity for an IT architecture methodology which integrates an organization’s business and IT capabilities.  However, even with an IT architecture methodology and people who know what they’re doing, developing a good IT architecture is near impossible without the aid of enterprise architecture tools and a repository to manage all of an organization’s business processes and IT functions.

IT Architects has accomplished to unify “best of breed” architecture methods and industry practices and provide a framework which allow an organization to define its data, processes, work, applications, systems and technology in an integrated manner.

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